Compensation System

With the compensation system, you can replace accounts suspended due to our fault. This system reviews all your purchased accounts without logging in and gives you new accounts for those that meet the compensation conditions.


Before Requesting Compensation

Please make sure you use all your accounts. A few faulty accounts does not mean that your other accounts are faulty as well. If all accounts are not used, those accounts will be seen as unsuspended, so you will not receive any compensation accounts. If all accounts not been used, these accounts will appear as unsuspended and cannot be compensated. If the profiles of the accounts appear unsuspended without logging in, these accounts will not be able to be compensated either. For this reason, you may have to wait a bit for compensation.


Compensation Conditions

Whatever product you want to compensate, compensation will be provided with different accounts belonging to the same product.

Also product changing is not possible. If there is no stock for that product or if the current stock is less than the number of the product you want to compensate, compensation cannot be made.

Compensation is only available for products for purchased within last 30 days and each product in your order can only be compensated once.

Compensation will be provided only for accounts that meet the following conditions;

  • If account is locked without any interactions
  • If account is suspended without any interactions*
  • If the account has only made one interaction and is locked
  • If the account has only made one interaction and is suspended*
  • If the order has been placed within the last 7 days and the followers of the accounts have decreased

*The system cannot automatically control the accounts in this situation. Therefore, if your accounts are in this situation, you need to contact us so that we can check them manually.

**Interactions includes posts, reposts, comments, likes, follows, and direct messages.

Compensation is not possible for the accounts in the following situation;

  • If account appears as active
  • If the username of the account has been changed
  • If account is suspended or locked after multiple interactions
  • If you get a 'Change Password' warning when logging into your account


How to Request Compensation?

To claim compensation, contact us providing your email and order ID and reason then we will decide about your situation and you will get compensation.


After Compensation

When the compensation process is completed, you can view your accounts with the 'Compensate Product' label under the same order. If we do not have enough accounts in stock, you will receive an email message that says compensation is currently unavailable. In this case, you will only receive compensation when there is sufficient stock.